The bike of…

Name: Amit Gupta (MSc Management of Technology)
Price: Gratis
Brand: Gazelle
Striking feature: “Light as a feather”

“After having lost a couple of expensive bikes, I decided to settle on a bike that is good but economic.

I, however, never expected to receive a bike as a gift from a friend who was leaving the country. More than the bike itself, the many memories associated with this bike are very dear to me. One such fond memory includes a cycling trip with friends for about 60 km in one day.

Other than the basic features any bike would possess, this bike also has multiple gears, which makes it feel like a mountain bike. The astoundingly lightweight makes it very easy for me to place the bike on the upper parking slots at the station, thus ensuring better safety. The dynamo-powered lights are very handy and I don’t have to double check while venturing out in the night. I use my bike for pretty much everything: shopping, cycling trips, going to the university – it’s much easier, as well as time efficient, to get around on a bike than by using a bus or tram. The carrier on the rear wheel is broad and quite strong and is capable of carrying quite some weight.

I have wanted to repaint my bike for a long time. The color has faded and it now looks quite rusty. But this makes the bike less attractive for a bike thief! So I think I’m just going to leave it the way it is.

One of the best trips I had was in 2010 when I cycled with a friend to Maeslantkering from Delft. Besides being handy, biking also helps me stay fit. Currently, I’m quite occupied with the end phase of my MSc programme. This gives me less leisure time. When I cannot go to the gym due to work overload, cycling an extra mile always makes me feel less guilty.

As the Netherlands is so well equipped with bike lanes, biking has always been and will remain a very pleasant experience. More importantly, it’s also very sustainable. I think The Netherlands has set a great example!”

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