The bike of…

Name: Christopher George Siverd (USA, MSc in Civil Engineering)
Price: 125 euros
Brand: Pointer
Striking feature: Front light

“Recently I bought a bike because it appeared to be very convenient to travel on one in Delft, as there are actual roads seemingly everywhere dedicated specifically to people who wish to travel daily by bike.

I also wanted to explore the countryside when the tulips bloom and I thought that doing so while riding a bike would be ideal. When buying a bike I’d recommend buying a used bike, as new bikes are very expensive.

For me, the most striking feature is the front light: the power for the light is generated by contacting a small wheel on a device mounted to the frame with the front wheel. The device is connected to the light by a wire and appears to transmit electrical current to the light via the wire. I’m sure Dutch people don’t think twice about this, but I find it interesting. My first adventure was when I embarked upon a journey to buy the right lock. I bought a lock for the back wheel along with a chain lock. However, I immediately broke the key in the chain lock while trying to unlock it! Also quite an adventure was that I learned how to balance my bike while riding and holding groceries. Using a bike isn’t new to me, but how much it’s used in everyday life here is new. In the States, everyone travels by car. Here it appears as if nearly everyone travels by bike.” 

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