Activists blindfold Hugo de Groot

Activists blindfold Hugo de Groot



“The city of Delft, home to one of the world’s most honoured scientific institutes, should do everything in its power to hold our leaders to account.” This is what Extinction Rebellion Delft writes in a press release accompanying its action on Sunday 16 April: blindfolding the statues of Hugo de Groot on the Markt and The Milkmaid next to the Nieuwe Kerk.


The activists call it ‘incomprehensible’ that ‘politicians act as if nothing is wrong’, while the latest IPCC climate report ‘shows how high the need is for our earth’. Blindfolding the statues is part of the worldwide action ‘Statue Sunday’. Extinction Rebellion has three demands for the government: be honest about climate change, do what it takes to stop it and let citizens have a say.


(Photo: XR Delft)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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