The background photo shows the bending test for 12-inches steel pipes in action, explains Annemiek Hilberink (MSc), who works with Heerema Marine Contractors. She used the massive set-up to study the bending effect of 80-tonnes of force on lined pipes. The bending simulates the winding of steel pipes on 16-meter diameter reels situated on the back of a ship. This method of pipe-laying for offshore oil and gas is preferred, because the critical welding of the pipes can be done onshore. However, reeling can easily damage the lined pipes, which are made of 17-millimeter thick steel outer layer, lined with 3-millimeters of stainless steel, in order to protect the pipe from corrosive acids in the transported crude. When the pipe is too thin, the inner mantle could wrinkle. Hilberink’s PhD research involved both physical tests and the mathematical modeling of bending lined pipes. Her cover shows the lab, photographed by her brother in law, and a bent pipe-section with an overlay of the calculated stresses, photoshopped by her husband.

Annemiek Hilberink, ‘Mechanical Behaviour of Lined Pipe’, 19 December 2011, PhD-thesis supervisors Prof. Frans Bijlaard (CEGS) and Prof. Bert Sluys (CEGS).

28 juni 2012


Cover “I took this picture of a board from a mountain refuge during a hiking holiday in Switzerland. I liked the idea of not putting a technical image on my cover but instead using an image to stress the esthetical aspect of the material ...
14 juni 2012


Cover ”I recently came up with this idea of using scrabble to illustrate my thesis, as I have been playing the scrabble game, Wordfeud, a lot on my smart phone. At first I was thinking of putting the image of an open book on the cover, but ...

23 mei 2012


Cover “I made the photo myself”, says Dr Alireza Parandian whose hobby is photography. He looked for a way to depict the discussions he had been setting up for the constructive technology assessment (CTA) of nanotechnology for the Dutch ...
26 april 2012


Cover A large zipper slowly unveils reality. This is the image that PhD candidate Robert Jan de Boer (MSc) chose for the cover of his thesis. He likes to depict clear insight with the clear skies that appeal to him as an aeronautical engineer ...

05 april 2012


Cover Dr Sjaak Verdoold took the picture of this cover himself inside the rectangular spraying reactor. There were two nozzles on opposite sides, electro-spraying tiny but highly charged particles towards each other. Not only did the ...
15 maart 2012

The Cover

The Cover “I’m going to put a self-portrait on the cover,” said mathematician Dr Sonja Cox (EEMCS) to her friends when she was preparing her thesis. They protested she couldn’t do that, but she did so nonetheless. She drew a self-portrait ...