BioLogic: Learning from living systems

TU Delft is offering a new course on bio-inspired engineering and design to all master students who want to learn how to extract the logic behind biological phenomena and apply this to technological problems.

Self-propelled and steering hypodermic needles, an adaptive façade system to optimise temperature control and a flying robot. These are projects developed at TU Delft that were inspired by living systems such as wasps, tree leaves and dragonflies. 

Biomimicry is the practice of looking at nature to find inspiration for technological solutions. It is used by engineers and designers working in all kind of fields such as architecture, computer science, aerospace engineering, wind power, robotics and management organisation.

Now, TU Delft offers BioLogic, a new course on biomimetics to all master students who are triggered by the idea of looking at systems that already exist, and who want to develop the skills needed to find, research and implement biological solutions to solve technological problems. 

In this course, students will be introduced to biology and life sciences from a conceptual perspective. The class sessions will be interactive, supported by a textbook and filled with examples and discussions. The course will be taught by the two-times winner of the ‘Nanobiology Teacher of the Year’ award, Bertus Beaumont, who received a TU Delft Education Fellowship for educational innovation to develop BioLogic.

The course will also include a group project where students will have to go through the motions of bio-inspired design, starting either from a biological phenomenon or a technological problem. Their ideas will be added to AskNature, a large database of bio-inspired projects from the Biomimicry Institute. 

BioLogic is a 3ECTS elective course open to all master students. It will take place during the second period and will consist of seven two-hour sessions. The lectures will be recorded and available on Brightspace. Group work sessions, including coaching, will be planned flexibly to allow students to fit BioLogics into their programmes. 

Nature can be a source of inspiration for engineers and designers.

Students can pre-enrol in BioLogic (course code: NB4130TU) by sending an email to Bertus Beaumont ( There are limited places available. More information about the course can be found in the digital study guide.

Maria Rubal / science editor

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