The Super Fruitball

The Douwe van der Kooi annual football tournament is approaching and the organizers are claiming that this one will be best ever.

This year’s edition of the weekend-long event is called the The Super Fruitball, in reference to the famous American football competition, the Super Bowl. According the Meropi Nassikas, tournament treasurer, the theme of the May 25-26 event is “fruits”.

This tournament has been running for more than 20 years and is sponsored by Ariston ’80, the only open (non-fraternity) football club for students of TU Delft.Last year 14 teams participated, including 10 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams.

During the weekend, many different activities are being organized for participants. There will be a wild game of “bubble football” where teams of 5 will play football while wearing giant plastic bubbles. There will also be a competition for the fastest shot, which will be measured by radar. In addition, you can expect an accuracy shooting competition as well as ball games like beach soccer and the “prisoner’s ball.”

Registration has been extended and is still open as the organizers are actively looking for both men’s and women’s teams. To participate, men will need at least 12 players and women need at least 8 players. The cost is €25 per person (€300 for a men’s team of 12 or €200 for a women’s team of 8). Registrations will be accepted until a few days before the tournament, but early registration is encouraged to ensure a spot. The night of May 25, participants can stay overnight in a gym hall. Last year it was in Sports Center, but the location is yet to be determined for this year. 

This unique tournament offers participants a chance to showcase their skills on the field and have great fun off the field. Nassikas talks about last year’s experience saying, “The tournament was also a very cheerful and informal occasion to meet teams from the region, but also from Belgium. The BBQ organized last year during the European Football Championship gathered more than 200 people, who came to have dinner and watch a game together.”

For more information and registration you can visit or see their Facebook page:

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