In the sportlight: Harm Verheul


Length: 1.97 cm
Weight: 96 kg
Birth Year: 1994
Faculty: Aerospace Engineering
Team: Paal Centraal 2
Other sports: gliding

Why korfball?
"I hadn't done any physical sport for a couple of years so when this academic year began, I decided to start again. As I used to play korfball when I was younger, I decided to start to pick that up again rather than learning a new sport."

What's your level?
"As the second team at Paal Centraal, we play reserve 4th class."

Strong points?
"Because I'm nearly 2 metres tall, I'm good at rebounding. That's important in korfball. As attackers, you can create more chances, and as a defender, you can block an attack by the opposition."

Weak points?
"Because of my height, I sometimes find it difficult to defend against smaller people who can get around me because I'm just that bit too slow."

"I haven't recently had an injury but my fingers often get bruised by balls which don't quite go the way they're supposed to during the rebounding."

"Because I've only recently started korfball again, I haven't won many prizes but we did reach a respectable third place in the outside competition."

Why should someone play korfball?
"Korfball is one of the few mixed (males and females) sports, which gives it a different feel from non-mixed sports. And because you switch from defence to attack and back again during the match, there's a lot of variation and you don't get bored."

Why are you a member of Paal Centraal?
"A student sport society is a nice mix of serious sport – with one or two beers! That's why I chose to become a member of Paal Centraal."

Ambitions within korfball?
"For the 2nd team to become champions!"

What annoys you in korfball?
"When players push the boundaries of what the referee will allow."