Delft survival guide

07 maart 2017 16.00

Surviving board games

Surviving board games Why stay home and curse the weather when you can sit at a cafe and play a challenging board game, a competitive game of chess or a round of Jenga with beer? Don’t worry if you don’t have any games, some cafes in the city keep their own ...
08 februari 2017 17.00

Surviving the resume

Surviving the resume The prospect of writing a resume or letter of motivation is universally daunting. To make things a little easier for you, we spoke to two career counsellors from the TU Delft Career Centre, Claire Visée and Iliana Yocheva. Here are some ...

11 januari 2017 14.01

Surviving the New Year

Surviving the New Year Life may seem rough after the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but do not despair. Delft has a ton of excitement lined up for the first two months of 2017.
20 december 2016 08.20

Surviving New Year's Eve (literally!)

Surviving New Year's Eve (literally!) New Year's Eve (Oud en Nieuw) celebrations in the Netherlands are about as thrilling as a nation-wide party can get. Here's a look at what to expect, what the rules are, and how to stay safe if you are planning to partake in the ...

05 december 2016 17.01

Surviving Dutch drinks

Surviving Dutch drinks There’s a lot more to Dutch beverages than beer. If you haven’t had your first Jenever yet, then you better get on it. But, if you’ve been there and done that, here is a list of some unusual traditional Dutch drinks to try out.
07 november 2016 00.10

Surviving rentals: Part 2

Surviving rentals: Part 2 Why buy when you can rent? This week we look at electronics, toys and other rental options that leave a lighter footprint on your wallet and on the environment.

03 oktober 2016

Surviving rentals

Surviving rentals Some things in life come free, but most cost a lot of money. Luckily, you can rent a ton of stuff, from hardware tools to a BMW 7 Series.
05 september 2016 00.42

Surviving street food

Surviving street food Should you find yourself in need of a snack whilst out and about, there are a number of typically Dutch food items that any newcomer should try at least once.