10 februari 2017 14.00

Avocations: Barry Fitzgerald

Avocations: Barry Fitzgerald Kids around the world marvel at the idea of having superhero powers and a young Barry Fitzgerald was no exception. "Around the age of six or seven I started asking my parents for superpowers," said the Irish native. "I ...
06 december 2016 08.47

Avocations: Tim van der Hagen

Avocations: Tim van der Hagen Most people know him as President of the Executive Board at TU Delft, but outside of academia Dr. Tim van der Hagen is a bit of a rock star. He has been the keyboardist in a cover band called Make My Day for over 30 years.

03 oktober 2016 00.10

Avocations: Hildo Bijl

Avocations: Hildo Bijl Ten years ago Hildo Bijl came to TU Delft to begin his studies. As an undergraduate student, he wanted to pick up a sport and meet people. So through Unit Sports he tried out lots of different options and found an interest in ultimate ...
27 juni 2016 00.16

Avocations: Ernesto Gonzales

Avocations: Ernesto Gonzales Calling himself a stereotypical Peruvian, Ernesto Gonzales says he likes salsa music a lot. "I grew up in Lima listening to this music and I tend to relate salsa music with good times," he said. The electrical engineering ...

30 mei 2016 00.47

Avocations: Joost Naaijen

Avocations: Joost Naaijen Master’s student Joost Naaijen comes from a musical family, so it was natural for him to pursue something musical himself.
18 april 2016 00.43

Avocations: Wessel Keemink

Avocations: Wessel Keemink Wessel Keemink has Olympic sized dreams. The 22-year-old volleyball player hopes to be part of the Dutch national team for Tokyo in 2020. Now standing at 1.97 metres tall, he started playing the sport when he was just 11. "My parents ...

08 februari 2016 00.16

Avocations: Pasquale Cirillo

Avocations: Pasquale Cirillo There is no such thing as Italian food according to Dr. Pasquale Cirillo, assistant professor in applied probability. He said it’s a common misconception, but explained that there are so many types of food from different regions that you ...
14 december 2015 01.48

Avocations Eline Snels

Avocations Eline Snels When she was four years old, Eline Snels started asking her parents for ballet lessons. Enthusiastic, but not quite old enough for ballet, she went to toddler gym wearing a tutu. "My mom says I was born dancing," said Snels, an ...