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Survival Guide eBook

Survival Guide Cover

Why is the Architecture faculty called BK? What is sugar called in Dutch? What does a person do for a midnight snack in Delft? Why is the food at the Aula so bad? Okay, we can't help with the last one, but TU Delta has answers for the rest and more.

The 2016 edition has been updated to reflect changes in location, costs and that one time when Queen's Day became King's Day. New articles include a much-needed breakdown of strange kitchen utensils, why black candy is such a big deal here, understanding your rights as an international, and, believe it or not, surviving death. Free to download and accessible on any online reader, this is a compilation of the hugely popular Survival Guide series published in TU Delta. The book is your handy reference guide to Delft. From eating out and public transport, to understanding Dutchisms. So grab your copy today!