What's On App for international students

What’s going on in Delft this weekend? Where can I get financial advice? These, and many more questions, are answered on the What’s On app, developed by TU Delft students. Driving force behind the app is TU alumnus Tunmise Odediran.

The content of the app is created by students for students.
The content of the app is created by students for students.

Students moving to a new country have a lot to deal with on top of their course work and any help is welcome," Tunmise Odediran said. "We can now offer them the What's On app." The app is a user-driven platform which contains tips and tricks to help make student life easier and more fun.

"The content is created by students for students. It is indispensable in helping new students – whether international or national - settle in, find their way around and make friends." Odediran completed his bachelor's and master's in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. He will soon start a second master's in Strategic Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

Contributors raffle
Odediran and his team spent months building relationships with social and sports clubs, university organisations and local businesses to include their services on the app. The app already contains information and has been tested. It is now time for them to take the next step.

The What's On app is inviting students to share their tips on the platform. Do you know an affordable restaurant or a great café down a side street? Are you a member of a chess club or a swimming club? Do you know how to apply for housing subsidies or where to get green energy? If you have any tips at all, you can share them on the What's On app or through the website. You could even win a prize in the What's On's weekly contributors raffle.

Odediran got the idea for the app when he worked at the university's international office. In this capacity, in 2015 he worked with almost a hundred organisations and groups to organise social, practical and academic events for new students. The students could choose from a range of activities and they were given a lot of practical information.

Buddy Programme

After this initial introduction, the students disappeared into university life, seemingly well-prepared. But Odediran knew differently. "On the one hand, we saw organisations, clubs, shops and so on providing services to students, but there was limited take-up. On the other hand, new students were unaware that these services were available."

"One example was TU Delft's own 'Buddy Programme' that linked Dutch students to international students. A great idea, but it had limited success because neither international nor national students knew that the programme existed. There was a clear need for a platform that contains this type of information. With the number of international students increasing every year, an app like this is essential."

Share your tips
Sharing tips and information is easy. Simply go to whats-on.nl, click on Contribute and follow the instructions. Or click on Add on the app on your mobile device and follow the instructions.