TU Delft TV: Man versus Machine

The human-powered and student-built submarine WASUB was pitched against top-swimmer Kyle Stolk. Who finishes this 100-metre race first: man or machine?

The WASUB is a human powered submarinethat was designed and built by a team of diverse students. The WASUB is not only built to reach high speeds, but also to be agile. Because of static fins, stability in the water is guaranteed. The big fins ensure the WASUB is able to make sharper turns, and a hull made of carbon makes it light and strong. The WASUB is made by a Dreamteam, as a student project focusing on participating in competitions and improving the design every year.

Kyle Stolk, one of the best swimmers of the Netherlands, accepted the challenge to test his strength and speed against the WASUB in a race: Man against Machine.

The venue for this battle between top athlete and slick submarine was the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium. A perfect venue for the WASUB: due to the depth (three meters) the WASUB would be able to move efficiently. It seemed the WASUB had an advantage this time, but the length of the pool (fifty meters) gave Kyle a fighting chance as well. The WASUB had to do a U-turn, which would slow it down.

In the end the WASUB and its pilot Robin van der Sande emerged victoriously: the race was won by 1.5 seconds.

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