Student Services edition

Sports and Culture
As the name suggests, Sports and Culture is more than just a university gym. For an annual fee you can access the gym and take part in lessons, from Spartan Workouts to Pole Fitness. You can also rent courts and join a number of sports teams. If you are new to the Netherlands try Korfball. This is also the university's cultural center where you can learn dance, music, ceramics and even get involved in theatre. There are rooms available for meetings and rehearsals, and you can often find a range of events being held here from gigs to Magic - The Gathering tournaments.

TU Delft Career Centre
Located on campus, the purpose of the TU Delft Career Centre is to help students, PhDs and recent alumni with professional development and finding career opportunities. There are online services such as job and internship listings, and for the new to job-hunting, guides for CVs, cover letters, salary negotiation and everything in between. They also organise opportunities to meet with companies, and there are a number of career counsellors on hand to help you on your career track, deciding on a master's degree or even changing your study. Information can be found in both Dutch and English.

There are actually several different forms of counselling/support available for TU Delft students. The Central Student Counsellors work with individuals with a variety of different backgrounds, from international students to students with a disability or illness. They can also help work though financial issues, university enrolment and other similar problems. There are four psychologists on campus who can provide treatment and support, there are walk-in hours or one-on-one appointments. For any issues or complaints with the university there is the Central Complaints Desk for students, and for complaints about inappropriate conduct or discrimination approach one of TU Delft's confidential advisors.