How to build bridges from glass

A glass bridge connects the Green Village to the rest of the TU Delft campus. Sixty students tested the structural capacity to their limits as this video shows.


The Glass Bridge was designed by two PhD candidates Ate Snijder and Joris Smits from the structural design chair of the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment (BK). Their supervisor if Professor Rob Nijsse, who is well-known for his ground-breaking work in the structural use of glass.

The present bridge, which was tested last May by sixty students marching and dancing on it, is a lens-shaped truss with steel strips and glass diagonals. In time, it will be replaced with around 2,000 S-shaped glass bricks, made from recycled glass.

"Glass is the most sustainable material you can image", said Nijsse. "It's 100 % recyclable without use of quality, is weather-proof and needs no coating." As the film shows, it's pretty strong as well.