Food for Brains: Satebar

​The trees have lost their leaves, temperatures have dropped below freezing and I just got my first cold of the season: winter has arrived!

So this week I sought out something healthy, something to warm me up and boost my immune system. In my search for heat, I headed south and ended once again at the Fellowship. There, Satebar was able to fulfil my wishes. Their friendly and hardworking staff welcomes you with a smile and offers various Indonesian specialties.

For around €5.50 they serve traditional sates of chicken and lamb that are grilled in front of you. Or you can choose one of the main dishes articulated around various kinds of sauces. Whether you prefer coconut beef, sweet sour chicken or a vegan option with vegetables and peanut sauce, the place offers plenty of choice. You can even spice it up a bit by choosing fried rice instead of the more obvious white option or by adding sweet-sour cucumber, prawn crackers or emping.

I chose to have the sweet sour chicken with white rice, as the nasi goreng was not available. The accompanying vegetables consisted of a mix of fresh carrot, ginger and kale and tasted very fresh. There is one thing I was less pleased about: If you decide to have a soda with your meal, be aware that you won't get a whole can but only a small glass. Finally, I would recommend the homemade spring rolls. These are filled with sweet sour chicken and various vegetables and are a nice way to end your meal.

Selamat makan! - Enjoy your meal!