Delft's new 3D street art, an ode to TU Delft

Have you seen the cool new piece of art in Delft yet? Head to Bastiaansplein and look down.

There's a 3D street painting with a vantage point marked out for the best perspective. Created by artists Leon Keer and Massina, the anamorphic street art is an ode to the 175th anniversary of TU Delft.

It shows a young girl writing calculations on a blackboard. Other little hints to the university are littered across the frame – from lab gadgets to a conical rooftop reminiscent of the library. The painting was made as a live street performance and opened to the public on June 13, 2017. It was sponsored by TU Delft and Gemeente Delft.

This is not the first time Keer has made a painting at Bastiaansplein. In 2016, he painted a tribute to Vermeer's Little Street. What makes every work of street art unique is that its location and the history of the site and its people are what lend the art its story as well.

The art is temporary and will eventually wash away.