The bike of...

(Photo: Swathi Krishna)
(Photo: Swathi Krishna)

Name: Alexander Alefragkis (MSc Sustainable Energy Technology, from Greece)
Brand: Unknown
Price: € 100
Striking feature: It’s purple and pink

“In brief words, I bought my bike from Brikfit on my third day in the Netherlands, after having to walk for rather long distances in continuous rainfall for the first two and a half days! In fact, I was so desperate for finding a bike, that I bought the first one that I found, which also happened to be the last one at this specific store. The thing is that I ended up with a totally purple bike, with a pink light in the front - a little bit girly, as most of my friends support - and as a result, I often feel other peoples’ eyes on me when biking! But after all that, I have been on my bike for the last 6 months now, and it has almost never let me down. This might come across as an exaggeration but I have developed a very close relationship with it and can say that I’m really proud of it.
I’d like to comment that I’ve never been tempted to buy a new bike, despite the fact that I have friends with more than three bikes each who often tease me by asking me to exchange bikes: my own for one of theirs! In the end, we all end up laughing because they do know how greatly I’m attached to it! In fact, I never go somewhere without taking it with me, even if I have to travel a distance of 10 meters. When I come back home, I always take it inside my apartment because I’m afraid someone might steal it. It’s purple and pink, so it can be easily spotted by a thief’s eyes. I’ve never traveled very long destinations with it, though, as it’s an old bike with tires in really bad shape, but I usually take it with me in the train. When I was still its new owner, I used to give rides to a friend who happened to have more bike problems; in that sense, after a while it was a common secret that nothing wrong ever happens to my bike, in contrast to most of the rest. Sometimes people make fun of the fact that it has bright colors, but it’s not all that bad.”

12 januari 2015 15.48

The bike of Rien Waaijer

The bike of Rien Waaijer Name: Rien Waaijer (Netherlands,Technician at Demo) Price: Unknown Brand: Custom made Striking Feature: Everything about it Having been born and raised in the Netherlands, it’s no surprise that cycling is a way of life for Rien ...
15 december 2014 00.40

The bike of Arwin Khoshnewiszadeh

The bike of Arwin Khoshnewiszadeh Name: Arwin Khoshnewiszadeh (Norway, BSc, Aerospace Engineering) Price: 140 Euros Brand: Panasonic DX-3000 Striking Feature: Steel tubing with a beautiful color scheme Before coming to Delft from Norway three years ago, Arwin ...

17 november 2014 00.27

The bike of Iman Mohammed

The bike of Iman Mohammed Name: Iman “Immy” Mohammed (Ghana, PhD candidate in Multi-Actor Systems Department)  Price: 350 Euros Brand: Cumberland Striking Feature: Bright white color With its snow white color and pink saddles bags, Iman Mohammed’s ...
13 oktober 2014 00.56

The bike of Ben Carrion

The bike of Ben Carrion Name: Ben Carrion (Chile, MSc student in coastal engineering) Price: 170 Euros Brand: German Striking Feature: Big brown box on the front Brown, slim and resistant. That is how Ben Carrion described his old bike that ironically carries ...

15 september 2014 00.39

The bike of: Swasti Khuntia

The bike of: Swasti Khuntia Name: Swasti Khuntia (India, Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy, PhD Student) Price: 320 Euros Brand: Umit Striking Feature: Matte finish and black rims
07 augustus 2014

The bike of

The bike of Cycling is a way of life in the Netherlands. In fact, this bike-centred culture has the highest density of bicycles in the world. With roughly 18 million bikes in the country, there are about 1.3 bikes per person old enough to ride. ...