(Illustration: Auke Herrema)
(Illustration: Auke Herrema)

Raising objections is way easier than countering them.

‘Role of microstructural geometry in the deformation and failure of polycrystalline materials’, PhD-thesis by Zahid Shabir (Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences).

21 juni 2012

Proposition - Delta 18

Proposition - Delta 18 The most significant discoveries in history happened unexpectedly or by accident. This means that the one who makes thorough research plans, does not expect to discover something great. ‘Trapping of Sediment in Tidal ...
07 juni 2012


Proposition The probability that 20-year-old digital information will no longer be readable is a lot smaller than the probability that somebody will actually want to read it. Recognizing surgical patterns, PhD-thesis by Loubna Bouarfa (Faculty ...

10 mei 2012

Proposition - Delta 14

Proposition - Delta 14 Using UV absorbance spectroscopy to analyze the thermal hydrolysis kinetics of a UV labile compound seems impractical. ‘Multicomponent and dissipative self-assembly approaches: towards functional materials’, PhD-thesis by Job ...
19 april 2012


Proposition Technological developments hardly contribute to moral developments. ‘Technology sourcing over the technology life cycle’, PhD-thesis by Claire Stolwijk (Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management)

22 maart 2012


Proposition The excessive use of the terms ‘scientific’ and ‘scientifically proven’ for commercial purposes results in the erosion of these terms. ‘Monolithic Scintillators’, PhD-thesis by Herman van Dam (Faculty of Applied ...
08 maart 2012


Proposition Flexibility is more economic than rigidity when dealing with the turbulent environment, but rigidity is required to reach a higher level ‘Macrophytes in estuarine gradients’, PhD-thesis by Jasper Dijkstra (Faculty of Civil ...