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Srividhya Srinivasan, from India, is an MSc student at the faculty of Architecture. (Photo: webcam)
Srividhya Srinivasan, from India, is an MSc student at the faculty of Architecture. (Photo: webcam)

“It makes me realize how old I am when I have to talk about the effect of computers and internet on my life. My initial experience with the computer was at my mother’s office: I’d wait for the lucky Saturday when I get the big air-conditioned computer room all to myself. Half a day of pacman and nibbles projected on the wall was worth the trouble of finishing all my homework by Friday evening. And look where we are now,” Srividhya reminisces. “I was one of the first in my school to have a home computer. It finally paid to have an older sister in the house, as she did the hard work of convincing my parents. It came equipped with an 8 GB Hard drive. Today my USB stick is 16 GB,” she says, smiling. “After the first few weeks of yahoo and ICQ chats, you finally started to explore the real internet world. It helped me in always being one-up on my assignments during school days.

Today I cannot imagine an hour without the internet. It’s almost like I have a parallel e-existence. I’ve grown to use the internet more for the ‘information exchange’ that it facilitates. I started blogging many years back. I like sites like poem-hunter and similar blogs which encourage everyone to share their thoughts.
Being a designer, I’m in search of inspiration all the time. Sites like archdaily and dezeen keep me updated with recent designs and technological developments in the architecture and design field. I also love politics and current affairs. More than just reading the news from the different websites, I’m interested more in the analysis/critique you can find on the internet. With the elections in the United States, what better than Jon Stewart to end the day with. Internet makes the world so much more accessible. Google reader is a Godsend, helping you to be regularly updated on the feeds from so many interesting blogs, articles and analysis on all ranges of topics without having to spend much time on browsing.
And of course the many file share websites that gives me access to millions of books, TV series and movies. I hope the anti-piracy laws are sensible, because otherwise the internet would be nothing. Finally, it would be unfair to finish without thanking the many chefs and other enthusiastic cooks who share their recipes online. I cannot count the many emergency situations they’ve helped avoid.”

My favorites:

17 april 2015 19.05

A long evening and no debate

A long evening and no debate When a university offers a Studium Generale podium to a guest for the evening, you can expect a lecture followed by lively discourse and debate; and more so when that guest holds controversial views. So when Head of the TU Delft Studium ...
17 april 2015 17.54

Medezeggenschap: UvA-bestuur functioneert nu niet

De medezeggenschapsraden van de Universiteit van Amsterdam zeggen hun vertrouwen in het college van bestuur nog niet op. Wel willen ze met de raad van toezicht overleggen over de “huidige samenstelling” van het college.

17 april 2015 16.22

Waar zijn ze slimmer dan wij?

Waar zijn ze slimmer dan wij? In elf Europese landen zijn jonge dertigers hoger opgeleid dan in Nederland. In Scandinavië en Groot-Brittannië bijvoorbeeld, maar ook in Ierland en Cyprus.
17 april 2015 07.41

Ice-propelled nanosatellites

Ice-propelled nanosatellites Hydrazine, one of the most widely used rocket propellants, is toxic and severely carcinogen. Why not use water instead? Delft researchers are working at a new propulsion concept for ice-propelled nanosatellites.

16 april 2015 17.25

"The straw that breaks the camel's back."

"The straw that breaks the camel's back." University Rector Karel Luyben is to meet Coen Vermeeren, Head of the Studium Generale, in May to discuss the bureau’s programming policy. The meeting has been prompted by tonight’s controversial lecture about the 9/11 attacks in New ...
16 april 2015 15.36

Phones leading the way in Senegal

Phones leading the way in Senegal A Delft team won the Transport Prize in the Data for Development (D4D) Challenge. They showed how to use mobile phone data to optimise road planning.