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Foreign eye

(Photo: Olga Motysk)
(Photo: Olga Motysk)

‘Don’t Feed the Birds’. These kind of signs sprung up recently in my neighborhood, an area predominantly occupied by immigrants and foreign students. Feeding the birds has become a bit of a political issue lately, with the right-wing PVV party leader Geert Wilders stirring up a controversy saying foreigners cause problems by feeding pigeons in the street. I must admit, when I first came to the Netherlands, I fed pigeons freely in parks and other public places, not understanding the dirty looks from passers-by. While in Ukraine (as in many other countries), pigeons are treated as fluffy cute birds, here they’re considered dirty, disease-spreading vermin. And these kind of labels tend to be self-fulfilling: the Dutch city pigeons are much less plump and shiny than their well-loved Ukrainian cousins. Cut off from loving and plentiful human-provided food supplies, the Dutch birds must scavenge dumpsters and sidewalks for rotting leftovers, making them more likely to spread disease or become ill. So next time you’re in a park and craving some non-human company, don’t feed the birds. Instead, cuddle some kittens; everybody likes kittens.

20 oktober 2014 16.46

Mathematics of wounds

The workshop on the mathematics of wound prevention and healing last Friday was the kick-off of an international effort to model wound generation and recovery.
20 oktober 2014 15.20

Lectoren krijgen eigen beroepsvereniging

Lectoren kunnen elkaar vooruithelpen, vinden de oprichters van een nieuwe beroepsvereniging. Ze willen onderling kennis uitwisselen, maar ook gezamenlijk onderhandelen over arbeidsvoorwaarden.

17 oktober 2014 14.14

Bringing residents together

Bringing residents together ​The annual event Delfiade provides residents with an opportunity to discover which organisations and businesses catering to locals and expatscan be found in Delft and its surrounding area.
17 oktober 2014 13.53

NWO dwingt tot snelle open access

Het duurt te lang voordat wetenschappelijke artikelen gratis en voor iedereen te lezen zijn. De Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO) zet daarom een volgende stap in het open access-beleid.

17 oktober 2014 13.50

Studenten gaan 41 miljoen euro meer belasting betalen

Het kabinet wil niet alleen de basisbeurs afschaffen, maar ook de belastingaftrek voor studiekosten. Daar krijgen ook de huidige studenten mee te maken, waarschuwt de Landelijke Studenten Vakbond.
17 oktober 2014 10.09

Framing for freedom

Framing for freedom Industrial designer Hakim Sugito MSc. developed a frame to stabilize cameras while filming. He hopes that the system called Waltz will give independent filmmakers more freedom.